Welcome to the NetZero Collective

Welcome to the NetZero Collective. We’re a collaborative group of landlords, industry partners and research bodies working together to find solutions to the challenge of decarbonising properties in the UK.

We’re doing this by individual property owners putting forward their properties and providing funding to allow the research to take place. We’re aiming for low regret, fabric first retrofit solutions. This means when experts from the University of Southampton specify the technologies and retrofit solutions that are needed, they’re picking from tried and tested products provided by industry leading manufacturers to ensure the solutions are up to the job.

We’re also working with all partners to maximise the social value of any investment. And where possible we’re working with local communities to set up social enterprise businesses to deliver the retrofit works, maximising the benefit any investment has to the local economy.

We’re doing this because we know that it will take more people, more businesses and more investment than the NetZero Collective alone to achieve the goal of net zero by 2050. And the more skilled people and knowledgeable businesses there are out there capable of helping to work toward this target – the better.

Decarbonising properties in the UK is a huge challenge, but we think we’re up to it!