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NetZero Collective: What is it?

We are a growing group of property services businesses, manufacturers and building owners - including local authorities, social housing and private business - who are working with university researchers to find answers to the challenge of decarbonising UK buildings.

NetZero Collective is working in homes and buildings across the UK to advise property owners on the best-fit solutions to retrofit their properties with zero carbon heating and cooling solutions, taking a fabric first approach. We then monitor how they are used, the impact on energy use, bills, effectiveness of user training and the end user experience. Using this insight the NetZero Collective will deliver robust research to guide the wider social housing, construction, commercial and private property sectors on the best ‘no regrets’ decarbonisation solutions for retrofit and new build construction.

We will give you the confidence to procure works to decarbonise your properties, knowing what the likely cost might be, the benefits you can expect, and importantly – which products and technologies work. It’s a common sense approach to getting it right first time. We’ve already started on this journey. But the more members we have, the more robust the research. Join us today.

Who's involved?

The NetZero Collective was created and set up by Liberty, but is a truly collaborative effort to make change happen. It brings together property owners, industry partners and academic bodies to design fabric first solutions for decarbonisation of UK buildings.

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What's happening?

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from the NetZero Collective and our members.

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