NetZero Collective obtains PAS2038 commercial retrofit certification

NetZero Collective has successfully obtained PAS2038 commercial retrofit certification, a recognised standard of how commercial buildings in the UK should be decarbonised.

Our retrofit processes have been aligned to both PAS2035 and PAS2038 guidelines. It is currently mandatory requirement to have PAS2035 for all publicly funded projects and it is expected that PAS2038 will also be required in the future.

This accreditation further cements our position as an advocate for achieving net zero objectives for our clients and how we can support social landlords, councils and care establishments to achieve their decarbonisation goals.

PAS2038 applies to any non-domestic building. It is a specification that sets out requirements on retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency. Our process uses dynamic simulations models to accurately reflect and predict the buildings energy use pattern to enable the development of robust retrofit strategies.

Our survey offering includes the use of 3D visual modelling producing CAD-level drawings and a virtual walk through, known commonly as a digital twin. Our lead professionals are all trained and competent in PAS2038 processes and have experience of large spectrum of different non-domestic properties, from 18,000 sqm leisure centres to 35 sqm pavilions.

We consider the overall goal and long-term strategy for the properties therefore our recommendations can be tailored to delivery needs and programme.

Daniel Fowler, Operations Manager, said: “We are proud to be PAS2038 certified. Our processes have been designed around PAS2038 guidelines since they were announced in 2021 by the British Standards Institution so we could be best positioned to deliver industry-leading retrofit services.

“This certification reminds us of our commitment to achieve ambitious net zero targets for our clients.”