Our process

By everyone working as a collective, we will deliver the guidance and confidence needed to make the changes that are required to achieve net zero homes by 2050.

To join, we’re asking you to come forward with a small number of your properties and a commitment to funding an estimated £25,000 per property of decarbonisation retrofit works. By pledging a minimum of 50 properties to the NetZero Collective research programme, you can start your journey towards a net zero future today.

The number of homes that can get involved in the NetZero Collective is limitless. The objective is to cover as many types of properties as possible including large communal buildings and individual dwellings – spanning different construction methods and ages.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us on hello@netzerocollective.co.uk

Step 1


NetZero Strategy and 3/5 year Programme

ESG Funding and Grants

Plans Signed Off

Step 2


Independent Retrofit Coordination

PAS2035 Survey and Monitoring

PAS2035 Retrofit Scheme and Plans

Step 3


Programme Management and Reporting

Retrofit Installers

Collective Procurement

Additional Services

BMS maintenance
Retrofit Skills Academy
Grant Application Support
Coming Soon
“Change” for Net Zero

We’ll arrange a visit to chat through in more detail before you commit to being part of the movement. We’ll also put you in touch with other members so you can understand how they are benefitting.

We'll then complete an in-depth survey on your buildings, including an EPC and building condition information, to identify what we and the researcher team believe are the best solution for your property. We’ll cost that up and you can decide then if you want to join.

For each home identified as part of the collective, the landlord will pledge an estimated £25,000 per property to fund the decarbonisation retrofit. We’ll work with our industry partners to deliver the works – operating in an open book model so you have full visibility of costs. NetZero Collective approved partners will supply, and install the technologies that are needed along with metering and monitoring equipment to gather data on the impact on energy consumption, conditions in the property and operating costs.

Your properties then form part of the national research conducted by The University of Southampton for a period of a minimum of 2 years. This will create a data set that shows life-time operational costs and the evidence needed to prove that the retrofit solutions work.

The NetZero Collective will also work together to oversee the education of building users, to ensure the new technologies deliver their intended benefits. Often low carbon heating technology requires breaking old habits because it works in a very different way to conventional gas boiler – if decarbonisation is to happen, we need to address that as much as the physical changes.

The University of Southampton will monitor and evaluate the carbon performance of the properties as well as capturing the impact on residents quality of life.

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